In Michigan, the months of October through December bring increased risk to drivers as deer migrate close to suburban streets, highways, and busy roads.

It’s Difficult To Avoid Deer-Vehicle Collisions

During the dawn, dusk, and dark hours of the day, there is low visibility for divers. This poses an issue when it becomes hard to spot deer in front of your vehicle until it is too late. To reduce the risk of deer collisions, take caution while driving during low visibility times and especially through deer season. Watch for “Deer Crossing” signs as they are markers for heightened deer activity.

What Should You Do If You Hit A Deer?

Your first main concern should be to make sure your car is in a safe spot. Call the police and file a report for your collision.

Wildlife can cause serious damage to your vehicle. If you have comprehensive insurance, you are most likely covered for deer collisions. Swerving off the road and running into something else would be most likely covered by your collision insurance. Champion Auto Body Shop of Brighton works with most insurance companies to get you quick, free estimates to get you started on the road to your vehicle’s recovery.

Here at the Champion Auto Body Shop of Brighton, we specialize in Deer Hit collision repair and we are open six days a week to get your vehicle back to you faster.

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